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    Audry Mason

    Blogger, Life Coach, Online Bestie

    Who am I?

    I'm Audry, the blogger behind Thirty Something Magic. I'm a certified life coach, avid reader, coffee-junkie, and your new online bestie. I'm super passionate about helping women get through challenges in life and find their passion, confidence, and true joy. I want to help you live the life of your dreams and find more happiness and success than you ever thought possible.

    What will you learn?

    This workbook is an interactive tool to help you understand what is holding you back and to create an actionable plan to move to the next step in your life. It is designed to be a starting point to creating your most spectacular life ever. The blog and my weekly email updates support this goal and more - each week I share about my own journey and lessons I've learned that can help you level up and be your most badass self.